Zoo IQ


Available for iOS and Android for just $0.99!

"This is a great app for children to learn about animals and to test their knowledge of the amazing animals of the world!"
— kids-app-reviews.com

Test your knowledge of the world's diverse and intriguing animal kingdom with Zoo IQ, the most detailed and comprehensive animal trivia app on the market! 

Increase your score by finding the animals that share a common link. Questions covering a large array of category from physical description of the animal to behavior that can be whimsically easy or scathingly difficult make for a fun, challenging and educational experience for all ages!


  • Over 430 animals from every corner of the globe! Each animal beautifully illustrated!

  • Questions generated for each animal across 15 separate categories to really test the breadth of your knowledge!

  • Every animal's fact sheet is available outside of game play so you can browse through and research to improve your skills or just learn more about the animals that interest you!

  • Bonus fun and interesting facts and information about each animal for even more trivia knowledge!

  • Simple, intuitive interface makes it easy to jump in and play for all ages!

  • Over 50 achievements for you to unlock through Game Center!

Have a great time discovering the fascinating creatures we share this amazing world with!

Play the free web version here!

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